Laughter is a precious gift given by nature to human. 

With laughter, a hormone called endorphin is released in the body, which awakens activity, energy, and happiness in the body. 

Let see the 5 Health Benefits of Laughter  

1. Laughing loudly provides good exercise to the internal organs of the body.

2. Laughing not only massages the internal organs but also relieves mental stress.

3. Laughing openly increases blood circulation in the body, hence there is more sweating, with which the foreign fluids easily come out of the body.

4. Laughter strengthens the muscles of the stomach and chest, expels bad air from the lungs, and increases the flow of oxygen.

5. The facial muscles also get a good workout by laughing. By exercising the diaphragm, blood circulation improves and the digestive system remains organized.